Hard Ice Cream (Sorbet)

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Hard ice cream (Sorbet).
The best mix for hard ice cream.

Weight: 20kg.
Material: Powder preparation.
Benefits: 1. High creaminess: Forget the icy ice cream, by offering an unmatched ice cream, with great body and creaminess.
2. High efficiency: Our soft ice cream provides more air incorporation, compared with other brands.
3. Temperature resistance: Forget the stone-like appearance of your ice creams inside the freezer, this base resists temperatures as low as -0.4°F to -7.6ºF.

- Packaging: Box with 11 bags of 4.21 lb each.
- Easy preparation: 1 Colday Bag + 1 gallon of water.
- Expiry: 1 year. Without refrigeration.

Flavour: Cream base
Make any flavor you like by adding our flavourings up to 50 flavours.

Ingredients: Cane sugar, dry glucose, guar gum, xanthan gum.

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